Red Hook Electrician

For 25 years, Self Made Electric has kept the power on for businesses, residences, and estates in Red Hook and the surrounding area. Our electricians specialize in New Construction, Remodels, Large Residences, EV Charging Stations & Power Upgrades, as well as many other services. Scroll down for more information.

Red Hook Electrician

Electrical Services for Red Hook

Temporary Power Service Panels

Red Hook Temporary Service Panels

Our temporary service panels show the same level of care as the rest of our work. They will stand up to the weather in Red Hook, remaining functional and safe for the duration of the build.

Electrical Contractor for New Home Construction

Red Hook New Construction

Building a dream home requires the cooperative efforts of many different crews and contractors, so make sure you choose an electrician in Red Hook that won’t slow down your project.

Generator Installations in the Mid-Hudson Valley

Generator Installations in Red Hook

Our experienced team installs plenty of generators in Red Hook and will make sure you have the right one for your loads, then configure automatic switchover, and ensure 24/7/365 reliability.

Red Hook Power Upgrades

Modern life demands a lot of power that might max out your existing Red Hook electrical service. Upgrade your service with a high-capacity panel that can handle the load.

Red Hook Home Automation Wiring

With Wi-Fi routers and range extenders, smart thermostats, camera systems, plus smart interior and exterior lighting, Red Hook intelligent homes demand reliable networking.

Red Hook Pool Lighting & Controls

A pool in Red Hook requires more than just managing increased electrical loads from pumps, landscape lighting, etc. It should be easy to manage and safe to operate in any season. That’s where we come in.

Red Hook Home Theatre Wiring

If the wiring for the networking and lighting in your dedicated screening room in Red Hook isn’t spot-on, you might experience cross-talk and interference on your high-end A/V setup.

Red Hook Estate Power Upgrades

Decades of expansion and growth for large Red Hook residences can create siloed subsystems operating separately and sometimes in conflict. We help managers condense and add simplicity.

Red Hook Landscape Lighting

Elevate the appeal of your Red Hook property with beautiful and functional lighting for stairs and pathways, patios and pools, plus spotlights and flood lamps to show off landscape features.

EV Chargers for Red Hook Homes

Your electric vehicle can put an added burden on your Red Hook home service, so upgrade your service with high-test clean power and a dedicated panel and ensure the rest of the property stays lit.

Networking Panels

Home automation upgrades, camera systems, and increased Wi-Fi speeds make home networking more critical than ever. We’ll make your Red Hook home communications reliable.

Red Hook Commercial Service Upgrades

Upgrading a Red Hook commercial service can introduce a special blend of electrical issues and our team of electricians is adept at defining and solving these issues for decades of reliable service.

Red Hook Commercial Lot Lighting

Commercial lot lights need to work in Red Hook weather, 24/7/365, and if they don’t, the liability for accidents can be on the property owner. Don’t get caught with a low-budget solution that costs you dearly after.

Red Hook Commercial A/V Wiring

Whether you’re mounting multiple screens for community meetings or need site-wide displays and audio for a factory environment, Self Made Electric is the best choice for cabling work in Red Hook

Red Hook Industrial Electrical Upgrades

Modern industrial machines put a lot of stress on old Red Hook electrical service panels, and upgrading to a higher-powered service comes with a host of issues that our team is experienced in solving.

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